Using A Quick Release Pet Tourniquet In An Emergency


Our Quick Release Emergency Pet Tourniquets can be used to help control and stop serious bleeding and buy you much needed extra time while you seek proper medical attention.


Use of a tourniquet is potentially dangerous and it should be used only for a severe, life-threatening hemorrhage (loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel) in a limb (leg or tail) not expected to be saved.


If you see blood spurting or pumping from a wound, which is a rare occurrence, consider the use of a tourniquet. Some tourniquets may have different processes, but take your tourniquet place it above the serious cut close to the body, and tighten it until bleeding stops or slows down. You can keep applying pressure to the wound. This should help control the bleeding while you get the proper care needed from a professional vet


You can find out more about pet first aid techniques for cuts, bleeding and other major emergencies in our Pet First Aid Guide. 


Emergency Pet Tourniquet Application