Meet The Paw Palz Family


(Product & Quality Specialist) 

Leo the lemon Beagle is our very skilled product specialist. With his exceptional sniffing skills Leo is a vital in the quality testing of all Paw Palz products. When he is not at work Leo enjoys going on long walks and movie nights with his family.

He loves the beach and the dog park with all of the new and wonderful smells. His pass time hobbies include eating and sleeping. With extraordinary taste buds Leo is considered quite the "foodie", he loves trialing a variety of food dishes, with cheese being his favorite. 

Leo - Lemon Beagle Dog - Paw Palz Team



(Customer Service Specialist) 

Titan the super friendly Staffy is our customer service expert. Titan absolutely loves people and is always happy to help out. His super friendly attitude makes him outstanding in his role as the customer service specialist. 


Like his brother Leo, Titan loves long walks with his family. His favorite thing in the world are sticks and balls and his favorite game is fetch. With a passion for food Titan is being tutored by his brother Leo in the art of being a "foodie". He is also currently learning some swimming skills to add to his list of hobbies, and loves to take a dip in the ocean on his beach visits. 

Titan - Staffy - Black & Brindle - Paw Palz Team



(Marketing Manager) 

Ollie is our Marketing Manager with a purrrfect eye for attention and great strategic skills. Ollie is a super friendly and loveable kitty. His favourite things include napping, eating, and watching his crazy dog brothers run around while he judges them from his kitty castle. 

Ollie | Paw Palz | Marketing Manager