About Us

With a passion for all animals the team at Paw Palz created the business to help keep pets everywhere safe. As pet parents ourselves, we know just how much people love their pets and how important pets are to Kiwis. We wanted to create a business that would help provide all pet parents with necessary tools and equipment to help keep their pets safe and protected. 


Just before starting Paw Palz our youngest member of the team, Titan, got a serious injury on a beach adventure slicing his leg open on a stick stuck in the sand. We desperately tried to use our human first aid kit to patch him up on route to the emergency vet and struggled to find anything useful to help keep the cut from bleeding. While we were lucky that the cut did not hit any major arteries and Titan was managed to be stitched up easily from the vet, we couldn't stop thinking how lucky we were and how much worse the situation could have been because we did not have the right equipment on hand. So we decided to create Paw Palz. We wanted to make sure that we could help pet parents all over New Zealand protect their fur babies in any accident or emergency that they may face by providing owners with the right tools to help their furbaby in an emergency while they seek proper medical attention. 


From there we have worked to grow the brand and find other areas that there is a gap in pet safety so that we can help make New Zealand a safer place for pet parents and their furbabies. 


We love hearing any ideas from other paw-rents on pet safety gaps they struggle with so that we can try find the right solution for any pet safety problem. So please reach out if you have any ideas or worries. We love seeing how our team can come up with great ideas to keep our special furry kiwi friends safe.